How to Build a Fire Evacuation Plan

How to Build a Fire Evacuation Plan

One of the things we here at DetectOn aim to do is provide you with information about the best smoke alarms for your business or other structure. All devices sold here are ActivFire approved and meet all smoke alarm legislation standards, and can be the difference between life and death during a fire.

However, my response to fire is essential. Most people understand how to get out of their homes should a fire occur. If you are running a business, you still need to develop a plan that is easy for employees, customers, and others inside your structure to follow. This is why having an evacuation plan is essential.


Sound the Alarm!

Your evacuation plan begins by ensuring that you have quality smoke alarms that are ActivFire approved. However, suppose you have a large structure. In that case, it is to your advantage to ensure that you have wireless smoke alarms interconnected with one another. Through an RF signal, the activation of one alarm will subsequently activate all of the others. This means that people who are in another part of the structure when the fire begins will still be notified and are able to get out quickly.


You may also want to look into getting a dual smoke alarm that provides a photoelectric and ionization sensor. This ensures that you get maximum protection should a fire begin.


Develop a Plan and Make It Clear!

The next thing you want to do is develop a plan of action of how people would leave your structure should a fire occur. Plans should not only provide a primary exit but secondary options as well. You never know if the direct access will be blocked, so providing alternative methods for people to evacuate the building is essential.

This plan should be visible to anyone inside your structure. It should be located at several points around your building. You should have exits and emergency equipment clearly marked to assist people in their ability to evacuate the structure.

It goes without saying that it is important to understand that second's matter in a fire. Everything you do to help your employees, customers, and others inside your building to get out quickly and safely are imperative. Taking the proper steps and precautions will help you avert a disaster should a fire occur. You will indeed be a lifesaver.

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