About Us

DetectOn, innovation and quality you can rely on.

DetectOn is obsessed with keeping people safe in their homes. 

We provide quality fire safety products to Australian families so that they can have the peace of mind that they are being protected.  

All our products meet Australian regulatory standards and approved by Activfire. 

We also pride ourselves on our commitment to always offer the latest technology in fire safety to our clients. 

We continuously research and develop our products in order to lift quality and safety standards and we push boundaries through innovation. 


* Photoelectric Smoke Alarms that meet Australian regulatory standards and approved by ActivFire® Scheme.

* All our smoke alarms carry a 10 year warranty.

* We have a 30 day satisfaction guarantee.

*A percentage of profit is donated to a Children's Hospital right here in Australia.

DetectOn ActivFire Certified
DetectOn 60 Day Satisfaction Guarantee
DetectOn 10 Year Product Warranty