Smoke Alarms Must Meet ActivFire® Australian Standards

Smoke Alarms Must Meet ActivFire® Australian Standards

Smoke Alarms Must Meet ActivFire® Australian Standards

One of the most essential pieces of equipment in any home must-have is a smoke alarm. The smoke alarm, also known as a smoke detector, has helped to save thousands of lives each year in Australia as this device warns home and other property owners and renters of fires so they can quickly and safely get out of their homes.

What makes these devices such a lifesaver is that they must meet stringent standards and be registered by the CSIRO before being used. This helps provide you with peace of mind that you know that the device is going to provide the proper warning when you need it.

What Is the Process That Must Be Met?

To be approved by the CSIRO, all detectors, including the “photoelectric” smoke alarm, must be tested and accredited at the facility run by the National Association of Testing Authorities (NATA). During this process, the smoke detector is tested in accordance with the standards set by the Australian Standard for photoelectric and ionisation smoke alarms.

As part of the testing, several of these detectors are run through a process to ensure that they adequately respond to a battery of situations. A failure of even one detector can lead to the testing centre flagging it as not ready for sale or use. There is no room for error when it comes to smoke detectors, and this is why an ActivFire® approved smoke alarm can be trusted. We make sure that detectors meet all standards, including those related to a wireless connection and RF requirements.

Regulations Differ Across Australia

While many standards are interconnected across states, one thing you should be made aware of is that the standards set may differ for one area in comparison to others.

For example, the standards in Queensland may be slightly different than they are in New South Wales. However, this is often not related to the testing procedures themselves. Instead, the variation in standards usually centres around the recommendation of which is the best detector to use in that region.

Because of environmental factors, climate, and size and type of structures, the regional standards body may see that one type of smoke detector is better suited for use in buildings within their jurisdiction. The device is chosen because it often exceeds the standards, and the local governing body wants contractors to use the highest grade device to ensure optimal safety.


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