Types of Safety Alarms Needed for Your Warehouse

Types of Safety Alarms Needed for Your Warehouse

Most people who run a warehouse have properly situated cameras around the outside of the structure to monitor if anyone attempts to break into their warehouse. Should they do so, the camera will capture the culprits, allowing police to catch the would-be thieves.

Some business owners even have alarms on warehoused doors. This way, if someone breaks into the structure, the alarm is activated, notifying the police that a person is attempting to gain access into the building.


Fire Safety Matters as Well

This is a common-sense solution to a significant issue for some businesses. Thousands of businesses across Australia lose products and have damage to their structure caused by people attempting to gain unauthorized access into the warehouse. This costs consumers and business owners in the long run.

However, security cameras are not the only types of alarms you want to protect your business. It is essential to have ActivFire approved smoke alarms located throughout your structure. In fact, there is smoke alarm legislation that makes the placement of these alarms mandatory.

This is a good idea, as you want to protect your property and the lives of employees and customers by providing the best safety features available. This is why many warehouse owners choose dual smoke alarms that have both photoelectric and ionization chambers to detect smoke and fire. Many even use interconnected smoke alarms that are connected using an RF signal that is sent through a wireless connection. When one alarm is activated, it activates them all. This is a great way to ensure that anyone in the building is notified immediately. It also reports the local fire department, which will be able to get on the scene much more quickly.


Protect Against Gases

You also want to look into carbon monoxide detectors. This is especially true if you have a heating system that uses an oversized furnace or other types of similar structures. Carbon monoxide can build up within your establishment, which can lead to serious illness, even death. If it is cold, you may have drivers who have left their rig running while the loading process is occurring. This poses a danger from carbon monoxide as well.

You want to have detectors that immediately notify you if carbon monoxide is building up. You are likely to find that there are smoke alarms that also detect carbon monoxide. This allows you to have one system to notify you in an emergency situation.


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