Where to Place Smoke Alarms in Your Business

Where to Place Smoke Alarms in Your Business

A smoke alarm is not only essential for protecting life but your property as well. If you are a business owner or manager of the property, you want to ensure that fires do not cause severe damage to your products and structure. This is where these smoke alarms become an essential safeguard in protecting your investment.

There are two main types of smoke alarms that are ActivFire® approved, including the photoelectric and ionization smoke alarms. Each detected fire is present in different ways. To help protect your property, you may even want to consider the dual smoke alarm, which uses both processes.

Where to Put Your Alarms

Before explicitly addressing where to put your smoke alarms, one thing you want to consider is looking for ActiveFire approved alarms that provide an RF signal that will make it so that each of your smoke alarms that you place within your business or other property are interconnected.

 Should a fire occur, and you have a property where employees, customers, or residents are present, this can be an absolute lifesaver. These alarms are interconnected using a wireless signal so that when one alarm is activated, all of them are. This would warn every person in your building that a fire is present and that they need to take appropriate action to get out.

With this information, now it is easier to determine where you should put your smoke alarms. Since you know that one alarm being activated will activate them all, you want to put them in place. In contrast, many people will be as notified of the fire as possible.

There are guidelines required by the state and national governments related to types of structures and where smoke alarms must be present. These guidelines are different for apartment complexes than they would be for retail shops, for example.

One important factor to consider is that alarms should be placed either in the ceiling or no more than 30cm from the top. You also want to ensure that they are nowhere near ventilation or air duct. The structures can affect the flow of smoke particles that arise from the fire, which can cause the smoke alarm to not operate correctly.

For more information, it is essential to check with local agencies regarding the placement of these smoke alarms. You want to make sure that you are fully compliant and meet all governmental standards.

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