Your purchase supports paediatric burns victims

DetectOn Children Charity purchase supports paediatric burns victims

“What would I do if my child was burned in a house fire? 

Would I be able to afford the lengthy hospital stay and all of the bills for in-hospital treatment and lengthy outpatient rehabilitation?” 

These are just some of the challenges that parents are forced to face when they have a child or children who suffer burns. 

Burns require intensive treatment. Care can be invasive and requires a lot of follow up. Families of children with severe burns face devastating financial stress due to costs of long hospital stays and treatment. Some rural households struggle to cover the costs associated with travelling more than five hours to receive treatment. 

Families across Australia are reporting skipping meals, not paying other bills, reaching credit card limits, and selling assets to reduce costs. Even though we have support from Medicare, there are always out-of-pocket expenses for health care, travel, parking, treatment, and other related costs. Parents and carers often need to take time off work so the costs are compounded by lack of income. 

The team here at DetectOn, we have families of our own. So, when we became aware of the hardships of families of paediatric burns victims, we asked...

“What could we do to help?”

What could DetectOn do to help Australian families reduce the risk of house fires? 

What could we do to help the families whose child or children were hospitalized with burns? 

 So we put our heads together and came up with our two pronged plan to help:

 A Comprehensive Range of Activfire Approved Smoke Alarms

We ensure that we only sell Smoke Alarms that meet the CSIRO's strict Activfire product certification program that provides third-party validation of active fire protection equipment to offer customers the best protection in the case of house fires. Every single product on or site has gone through rigorous testing to receive Activfire certification, indicating it complies with Australia's high safety standards.


We Donate 10% of Every Sale to helping Paediatric Burns Victims and their Families

Our mission is not just about protecting people with access to quality smoke alarms, but also helping children who suffer from burns after being exposed to fire. Order your Activfire approved photoelectric smoke alarms today and 10% off every purchase you make will be donated to help children who have been affected by burns.